President of the Turkish Hars Union

On March 8, 1857, USA’s New York City along with the strike process that started with the desire for better working conditions for 40.000 weaving workers, along with 2. international women in Copenhagen, Denmark Clara Zetkin, one of the leaders of the German Social Democratic Party at her meeting (International Socialist Women’s Conference), celebrated March 8, 1960, in memory of women workers who died in the textile factory fire on 8 March 1857 finally it has begun to be celebrated in the United States of America.Being a woman in Turkey can also be the first in the world statistics by being exposed to all kinds of violence, but being crowned with Nene Hatun’s adjective, as a warrior, as fruitful as soil.Being a woman in Turkey is no longer humiliated as an ′′ ugly feminist ′′ when talking about equality… On the 8th of March celebrated in our country, Turkish woman has always been the main actor of the struggle in history leaves… She was a soldier carrying bullets in the War of Kah Liberation, but her child at home breastfeeding has become a mother. There you go Our women, who are in the focus of our Republic, have achieved important tasks in our arrival to modern and contemporary days. The spirit of a Turkish woman is the same as the spirit and excitement that will deputy the president. This has always been like this in history. On this occasion, I wish you a happy women’s day and health and well-being.

Aysel Demirkan


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